Conquer Aging With This Miracle Sap

Inflammation is the root cause of all disease. So if you can stop inflammation, you could live a long, healthy life. Fortunately, researchers from the University of Rhode Island have found an all-natural compound that helps you fight inflammation and makes your breakfast better at the same time. Read on…

Mailbag! Asian Secret Blasts Cholesterol

Could this Asian secret save you from a lifetime of taking dangerous cholesterol meds? According an international research team, yes. Read on to discover more about how this ancient root can give your cholesterol the big boot.

Nutrient Duo Saves Eyes and Memory

University of Georgia researchers have just discovered that a power nutrient duo known to keep your vision crystal clear can also keep your mind sharp as a tack. Read on to discover more.

Sleep Like a Log With This Indian Trick

Want to get better sleep tonight without taking dangerous drugs? Good news: New research shows that an ancient herb can help you get the restorative sleep you deserve without dangerous side effects.

[Warning] Deadly New Risk for Heartburn Drugs

Before you pop another heartburn pill, you need to read this. Groundbreaking research from the Mayo Clinic shows that these dangerous drugs can lead to deadly infections. Read on to discover more.

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Simple Fruit Busts Blood Sugar and Fat

Japanese researchers have found that a simple fruit can help you win the battle against weight gain and high blood sugar. Read on to discover what this ordinary fruit can do for your health.

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Space-Age Secret REVERSES Aging

Have you ever wished you could turn back the hands of time and return to the days when you were spry enough to work hard and play hard? Good news, science may have discovered a way. Read on to find out how this powerful compound could keep you young well past your prime!

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Mailbag! Feds Allowing Poisoned Food ?!?

Worried about what’s in your food? You should be. And you’re getting no help from the USDA. Read on to find out how this government agency is failing your foods once again.

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Spicy Condiment Kills Cancer

What if you could kill cancer and make your food taste better at the same time? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. According to some German scientists, your favorite condiment kills cancer dead!

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Morning Drink Boosts Brainpower

Could your coffee obsession be helping your brain? According to new research from Indiana University, yes. Read on to discover how your morning buzz could be keeping your brain healthy.

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Silence That Ringing in Your Ears for Good

Living with tinnitus can be a real nightmare. The constant buzzing and ringing are enough to drive your mad. And the mainstream offers little help. Fortunately, researchers from Ohio State University have found a natural solution to silence the ringing in your ears for good!

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Underwater Secret Boosts Energy

Want to lower your stress and boost your energy? And do it without crazy workouts or dangerous drugs? Then you’re in lucky. New research out of Japan shows there’s and ocean secret that help you do just that. Read on to discover more.

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The Red-Hot Secret to Longer Living

Looking for a tasty way to tack some years onto your life? You’re in luck! New research shows there’s a hot food that can help you keep on truckin’ into your golden years. Read on to discover more.

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Mailbag! Milk's Ugly Secret

Does the mainstream have it wrong about dairy? According to a new study, they just might. It turns out drinking milk and eating dairy does nothing for your bone health if you’re not taking this vital nutrient. Read on to discover more.

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Make Your Brain 30 Years Younger?!?

New Ivy League research shows a “forbidden” food could be the memory breakthrough we’ve all been searching for. And the best part — it's absolutely delicious. Read on to discover more.

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Greek Secret STOPS Leg Pain

If you’re tired of swollen, painful legs you could be in luck. A recent study by the esteemed Cochrane Collaboration has pinpointed a Greek plant that can help you ditch those compression stockings for good! Read on to discover more.

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Popular Painkillers Up Heart Risk 50%

Popping a pill for those minor aches and pains? If you care about your heart, you may want to rethink this practice. According to new Danish research, some popular pain meds could up your risk of cardiac arrest by 50%! Read on to discover more.

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[Warning] Popular Meds up Diabetes Risk 51%

If you’re taking heart drugs, you need to read this. Groundbreaking Australian researchers have just uncovered how a certain type of cholesterol medication could be driving your risk of diabetes up by 51 percent! Read on to discover which med could be messing up your blood sugar.

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Ancient Herb REVERSES Heart Disease

UCLA research shows that an ancient medicine could be the key to reversing heart disease and keeping your arteries as clean as a whistle. Read on to discover more.

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Mailbag! Tiny Berry Boosts Memory

Want to enjoy a tasty treat and give your memory a boost at the same time? Then read on to discover the tiny berry that can help you do both.

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