From the Mailbag: Olive Oil-Based Supplements and Why You Should Take Zinc With Copper

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss where to find olive oil-based supplements and why it’s so important to take zinc with copper.

Alarming Diabetes Threat Discovered By German Scientists

German scientists discover a dangerous new link to diabetes that has nothing to do with your diet or genetics. Read on to discover what it is and one way to protect yourself from it.

Vitamin Deficiency Just as Dangerous as Smoking

Groundbreaking research finds being deficient in this heart-healthy vitamin is just as risky as smoking. Discover more...

Powerful Spice Fights Depression as Well as Prozac

New research shows that folks battling depression may get help from a powerful spice. Discover more…

What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Calcium

New Research shows that your calcium supplements aren’t just giving you stiff bones — they’re also hardening another vital organ. Discover more...

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Miracle Mineral Destroys Deadly Infections

Cold season is just around the corner. Make sure you’re stocked up on this miracle mineral to boost your immune system and fight deadly infections. Discover more...

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From the Mailbag: Probiotics vs. Poop, and Psoriasis Solutions

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We will discuss why taking probiotics may decrease your chances of having a poop transplant and share reader tips on how to treat psoriasis.

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Vitamin Linked to Cancer-Causing Hormone

Hormones can cause all sorts of health issues — hair loss, weight gain, lack of energy and even certain cancers. Fortunately, new research finds a common vitamin can lower your levels of a known cancer-causing hormone. Discover more…

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Joint Discomfort on the Rise in America (And One Natural Way to Soothe It)

Joint pain in America is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, the CDC predicts it will affect almost 80 million Americans by the year 2040. Fortunately, Living Well has a natural solution to soothe achy joints and support a healthy inflammatory response. Discover more...

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Ancient Japanese Tea Fights Cancer and Increases Brainpower

Could this ancient Japanese ceremonial tea be the secret to busting your brain fog and keeping you cancer-free? Discover more...

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FDA Rethinks “Healthy” Food Label

The FDA is rethinking the way food is labelled. And they need your help. Tell them what you want from you food labels! Read on to discover more...

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Common Heart Procedure Linked to Death, Fraud

A common heart procedure is linked to deaths and fraud. Fortunately, a natural solution can help keep your heart healthy. Discover more...

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From the Mailbag: Fecal Transplants and Full-Fat Dairy

: Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. Find out how fecal transplants work and who should consider them. Plus, we will reveal the best type of dairy to enjoy if you’re looking to lower your risk of diabetes.

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Unusual Cause of Crohn’s Disease Discovered

New research finds an unlikely bug is the cause of painful digestion problems. Find out what it is and what you can do to avoid it.

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One Easy Way to Avoid Disability

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that exercise is good for you. It can lower your risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers. But this latest discovery about the powers of exercise is something every person 70 years or older needs to know.

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Wartime Coffee Substitute Fights Diabetes and Arthritis

A wartime coffee shortage led to a New Orleans tradition that not only delivers on taste but also adds to your health. Discover more about this healthy drink...

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Eat These Foods After Garlic for Fresh Breath

Garlic breath happens to the best of us. It’s the uncomfortable, embarrassing and inevitable side effect of enjoying one of the world’s tastiest and healthiest foods. But scientists have recently discovered two foods that can help you rid yourself of this pungent condition with just a few bites.

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The DEA Wants You to Take Dangerous Drugs

Pain is a serious medical condition in America. And with it comes an ever-growing number of people becoming addicted to dangerous painkillers. Recently, scientists have discovered a natural plant that can defeat both, but the DEA has banned it. Find out how this ban could affect your health or the health of someone you love.

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From the Mailbag: Psoriasis Solved and the Decaf Dilemma

Tune in today as we dig into the mailbag. We’ll talk about a natural solution for psoriasis and answer an important question about the powers of decaf coffee.

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Diabetics Destroy Risk of Eye Disease With This Type of Fat

Diabetes doesn’t just affect your internal organs. It can also damage your eyes. Find out how a certain type of fat can cut your chances of experiencing diabetic eye problems in half!

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