Update: Top-Secret Studies Prove Monsanto Knew Its Best-Seller Caused Cancer 40 Years Ago

Long-lost studies prove Monsanto has known about the dangers of its most popular product for four decades.

Drink This Ancient Tea to Stay out of the Clinic Waiting Room This Cold Season

Cold season is upon us. Add this natural immune booster to your illness arsenal.

This Late-Night Habit May Hinder Your Memory

Step away from the fridge! Your memory will thank you. Find out why…

Don’t Throw Your Health and Virility out With the Wash Water

Could this common chore be destroying your reproductive health?

A GMO-Free Gift to You, From Congress

Last Friday Congress passed the $1.15 trillion spending bill, and despite whatever terrible bits of legislation and riders made it through, there’s one thing that didn’t for which we can be thankful.

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Do You Hear What I Hear? Maybe Not if You’re Traveling Over the Holidays…

Could holiday travel be attacking more than your immune system?

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Drink up! (and Live Longer)

As the holiday parties kick into full gear, you have another reason to raise a glass.

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Is This Sugar Actually a Health Food in Disguise?

Could a certain, often overlooked sugar actually be a nutrient-dense health food? Let’s find out…

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Xylitol: From Natural Begins to Hydrogenated Endings

The only thing sweet about xylitol is its source.

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Stevia: A Sort-of-Natural FDA Approved Sweetener

If you are in the market for stevia, stay out of the sweetener section.

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Fight Coughs Without Hallucinogens This Winter

Stop wasting your money on hallucinogenic and ineffective OTC cough syrup and fight coughs naturally.

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Improve Your Memory and Prevent Cancer With This Holiday Plant

Not all holiday greenery was created equal. Find out how this common holiday plant can help you improve your memory and ward off cancer.

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Sweetened Drinks May Increase Risk of Heart Failure, Stroke, and Heart Attack

Studies have linked sweetened drinks to heart failure, stroke, and heart attack.

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How to Beat the Flu in 48 Hours

Can you really cure a cold with berry syrup? Read on to find out…

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Weekend Sleeping Patterns Contribute to Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

Sleeping disturbance may be ruining your health.

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Prevent Holiday Bloating, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux With These Natural Remedies (and One Easy Trick)

Four easy ways to prevent holiday bloating, heartburn, and acid reflux.

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GMO Frankenfish Coming to Dinner: FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon

They won’t be labelled, but there’s an easy way to avoid these GM fish

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Combat Ulcers, Cancer, and Heart Disease With This Thanksgiving Favorite

This holiday staple can help you fight ulcers, heart disease, and cancer.

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Terrorism, Violence, and Natural Disasters Are Ruining Your Health

The long reach of terrorism and daily violence affects your health.

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Is Organic Turkey Healthier?

Should you pay more for organic turkey this Thanksgiving?

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