Is Organic Turkey Healthier?

Should you pay more for organic turkey this Thanksgiving?

Mailbag! Tired of High Blood Pressure Meds? Try THIS!

I was wondering if you could give some advice about how to lower blood pressure naturally. I hate the side effects of my medication and would like to try something else. –Norman from Rochester, NY Norman, Many people rightfully complain about the side effects of blood pressure medications. Whether it’s a persistent cough, muscle pain,...

Don’t Fall for This FAKE Alzheimer’s Treatment

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, I have a feeling that people in the future will look back at us and cringe at the thought of some of our common medical practices. Because even though these methods may not look barbaric now, time will tell. And like the way we look down on bloodletting or leeches,...

REDUCE Your Diabetes Risk with this “5 to 7” Trick

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, No one ever said life would be easy… but does it have to be so dang HARD sometimes? Keeping up with your health as you age can feel like you’re taking a test you didn’t study for. Having to keep track of what symptoms mean… getting to all of your...

[ALERT] “Fat Gene” Myth BUSTED!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader, My patient Andrea has been struggling with weight ever since she can remember. In fact, some of her earliest memories aren’t of the first time she went to the beach or going to kindergarten… they’re of her parents telling her to eat less. But when she heard what I had...

“Universal” Failure: Public Health’s Answer to Prevention

The only “universal” recommendation by the American public health establishment is a giant failure.

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How to Ward off Cancer in Just 60 Seconds a Day

Easily grow your own cancer-fighting superfood

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Three Rules to Double Your Health, Fitness, and Accomplishment

Should you tell other people about your health goals? The answer is more complicated than you think…

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Challenge Yourself to Healthier Aging

Challenge yourself to ward off the negative effects of aging.

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23,000 ER Visits Linked to Dietary Supplements

Find out the most common reason for supplement-related emergency room visits, and how to stay safe when choosing supplements

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Murdered Doctors Don’t Lie, Part 3

Big Pharma loves propaganda and bribery, but is it willing to murder to keep its market dominance?

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Killer Dementia: The Criminal Side of Aging

Can aging cause you to commit violent crimes? Even murder?

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Truth about Cancer Exposed

Living Well Daily interviews a man who’s been researching cancer for almost two decades, and has uncovered some shocking facts

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Murdered Doctors Don’t Lie, Part 2

Why the most trusted sources on the internet are actually the most dangerous…

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Fight Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes This Halloween

This Spooky produce can help you fight heard disease, cancer and diabetes.

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One Easy Trick to Never Forget a Name

Use this trick to remember names, dates, and facts with ease. Plus, learn two natural ways to boost your brain power in 90 minutes or less.

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Communicate This Way -- Cut Depression Risk in Half

The way we communicate with each other matters. Here’s the best method for long-term happiness.

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The EPA Says This Carcinogen Is Perfectly Safe

Despite the World Health Organization’s report, the EPA says the cancer creator in your garage is perfectly safe.

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What -- If Anything -- to Eat at the Gas Station

The open American road offers soul-stirring vistas and stomach-churning food. How can one eat healthfully in the yawning “food deserts” of the U.S.?

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Murdered Doctors Don’t Lie

A series of unrelated deaths, or something more sinister? We interview someone who suspects foul play…

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